WHH-BMZ Project

This program organized on 19 – 20 march 2019 at Falgu River Beach, Devghat (Gaya), Bihar. Chief guest of this program are Ex. DGP Bihar Mr. S.K. Bharadwaj(IPS) , Special guest Mr. Udai Shankar Singh Director of Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, New Delhi and Sri Krishna Kumar Singh (MLC) Bihar. In this program total participation are 103. Organized one day Seminar on save Falgu and 2 days Yatra in near village of Falgu River. When total Yatris are 11 and the distance of yatra is 11 KM.  Sri M.P.Sinha and his team organized this program. some resolutions were passed in this seminar are as follows-

  1. Encroachment free Falhu River.
  2. Pollution Free Falgu River.
  3. Demarcation of Falgu River.
  4. Try to Increase water level of Falgu River.
  5. Formation of Falgu Save committee with participation of peoples, CSO’s, People Representatives, Corporate and administration.