Partnership with Developmental Agencies


Sl.No. Name of the Partner/Supporting Agency  


1 Canadian High Commission Traditional Water Harvesting (Ganga Sagar Ahar)
2 Ministry of HRD/Dept.    Of Women & Child. Short Stay Home and Family Counseling Centre
3 SKN, Netherlands Education to the Marginalized
4 CAPART Watershed Development
5 State Health Society, Bihar Additional Primary Health Centre
6 Ministry of HRD-GoI Non Formal Education
7 Ministry of Health and Family Welfare-GoI Spacing
8 Water Aid Sanitation and Hygiene, Safe Drinking Water
9 IGSSS, New Delhi Watershed Development, Revival of Traditional Water Harvesting Systems
10 GTZ Germany Women Empowerment, Self Help Groups
11 Path Finder International Reproductive Health
12 TDH Germany Women Empowerment
13 SIDBI Credit Linkage
14 NABARD Traditional Water Harvesting System (Ahar Pyne Construction)
15 SPWD Traditional Water Harvesting System
16 NRI Cyprus Education to the Marginalized
17 Welt Hunger Hilfe/BMZ Securing land and water rights for marginalized  communities through people led advocacy in India
18 International Labour Organization(ILO) Village Development plan for prevention and elimination of child labour
19 Azimpremji Foundation Livelihood Promotion through Renovation of Traditional Water Structures and small enterprises
20 Nabard Promotion of  Farmer Producer Organization on Goat Rearing and related activities.
21 In Covid Support FZE LLC India covid Relief
22 Helioz GmbH -Future Economy Baseline survey of Household Data